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Upper Indus River Rafting Expedition

Number of days : 5 days
Duration : Month of August

The Indus River, locally known as the Singhe Khababs (out of Lion’s mouth), flows across the north west to the south east, passing through Ladakh and flows into Pakistan where it joined Shayok and Suru to become major historical Indus River.

The Indus, originates near the Kailash Mountain and the Mansarovar Lake in Western Tibet. Water levels remain high during the month June to late August, which is the best season for fascinating rafting expeditions. The rafting on Indus River provides spectacular view Ladakh and Zanskar ranges which housed Buddhist monasteries on high cliff. River rafting expeditions on Indus can be arranged for one to five days.

Upper Indus River Expedition

The upper Indus is a technical expedition. The river is creaky and has a lot of features that will keep you on your toes. The expedition is also very scenic and you expect clicking some wonderful pictures

Day 1: Mahe Bridge to Nih

Day 2: Nih to Hamya.

Day 3: Hamya to Kharu.

Day 4: Kharu to Phey.

Day 5: Phey to Nimoo.